We are experts in a wide range of Ecommerce solutions. We offer online shopping sites with Magento, Wp-Ecommerce, Virturemart, Prestashop, Os Commerce, Woo Commerce, Open Cart, Zen Cart, X Cart, Ubercart and more.

Our Principle:

  • This platform can accommodate up to 500,000 products for a single site and has an unbeatable order management facility that helps not only the Administrators but also the buyers. Besides it can efficiently handle a volume of order of different categories at a time.
  • Its SEO-friendly architecture helps the sites developed with this tool get certain optimization privileges by default. Besides there are options to implement more customized SEO features.
  • Magento is a flexible platform that allows page editing and modifications on the fly. That means the owner or the administrator can modify content or customize offers anytime, when the site is fully operational.
  • It is mobile-friendly and so the sites become in-built responsive to all kinds of devices. And since the platform supports integration to a long list of Payment gateways like PayPal, Ebay, Google Shopping, QuickBooks etc., it is customer-friendly as well.
  • Magento sites have multiple-layered security system which is very difficult to breach. From the customer’s point of view also, sharing personal information is safe.
  • It comes with a package of dynamic search filters and adding browse related prompts or checkout page prompts is easy. That provides extra benefits to promote cross-sells. Besides there are certain advanced marketing tools like Flexible coupons or Landing page tools that further helps in sales promotion.
  • It is 200% cost effective. Being an open-source software the development cost of Magento is low and you can run multiple sites using a single installation.
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